On Thursday, 6th December 2018, students of Year 5 visited the plastic factory in Korangi Industrial area. It was an adventurous one-hour ride and the weather was cloudy and windy. The journey started from the Lecole campus, where students were ready and excited for the field trip. After pinning up our name tags, we jumped up in the coaster and started the journey.

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It was a bumpy ride! We were chatting and giggling the whole way. When we reached the factory, the building was weird and old. But as soon as we entered, we were awestruck as we entered a whole new amazing world of plastic. It was warm and noisy inside, there were many sounds inside, such as drilling, loading crates, vibrations and many more. The factory manager guided us and gave us information about all the machines, how they work and how the processing happens in the factory.

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The most exciting part was when we saw the actual robotic machines that were automatic and ran on their own, making plastic bottles at a speed of 4000 bottles in 24 hours. The temperature of the bottles was 360 degrees Celsius!

I was spellbound when we got our own unbreakable cup – it was the best part! It was around 11 am and we were all set to leave the factory, keeping interesting stuff with us which included bottles full of tiny plastic pellets out of recycled plastic. We reached our school around 12 pm, and we ate our lunch during the bus ride. It was an absolutely fun and educational trip along with fantastic weather.

By – Eshaal Asim
Year 5.

By – Eshaal AsiM Year 5.