Preparation for Life

Our A Level learners develop a deep understanding of their subject matter, apply knowledge to known and unknown situations, maintain an inquisitiveness about the world, communicate fluently in whatever situation the world places them, and foster a cultural awareness that enables them to respond positively to change. They are forever learners.

The A Level Experience at L’ecole

L’ecole will enrich your academic experience through its excellent facilities and extracurricular activities. Our focus is to inspiring every learner to make the most of his/her uniqueness. Yes, you are special. Our close-knit community is a big reason learners love it here. Whether you want to talk about class, universities or what’s happening at home, our personal advisors are experts at helping you through any challenge the world throws your way.

We have an excellent track record for supporting students across a variety of disciplines as our values shape who we are. These values underlie the foundation of our philosophy; provide students with critical reasoning skills, the creativity and the attitude with which they can dedicate their life to learning.

Our experienced and motivated staff looks beyond textbooks to inspire students to learn. A blend of classical methods and technology encourages our bright, young minds to achieve their best through a dynamic learning approach.

Learners engage in positive group cultures and provide a vibrant academic environment. Your teacher will cultivate a sense of adventure in you. Post A Levels, our learners enter the global market and are accepted by prestigious universities based on their high calibre, skill set, career aspirations, and compassionate personalities.

College Timings:

  • AS & A Level: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Subjects Offered

Learners choose up to four core subjects from the following:

Clubs & Societies

L’stylo d’or
English Writing and Public Speaking Club
Head: Haris Ahmad,
Deputy Head: Syeda Aishah Asim

Mathematics Club
Head: Anusha Ansari

L’école Falcons
Sports Club
Head: Muhammad Muzammil
Deputy Head: Muhammad
Hassaan Hamza Wyne

Philanthropy Club
Head: Saba Mateen
Deputy Head: Ayesha Sultana

Chess Club
Head: Meher Fatima

L’esprit calme
Mental Health Society
Head: Syeda Aishah Asim

Le spectacle
Theatrics Club
Head: Adeeba Khushi
Deputy Head: Owais Saleem

Event Management Society
Head: Zehra Mazhar
Deputy Head: Anusha Ansari


Arham Alam Khan

L’ecole for Advanced Studies is definitely an enriching experience that went far beyond my expectations. Teaching sessions are great, i.e., very well prepared and well explained. Teachers are also very helpful and always available to answer any of my questions.

Hamza Haider

I had the opportunity to study at L’ecole and I’m really thankful to the institute because of the great teachers and helpful staff. I’ve surely improved my level of written and spoken English since I joined L’ecole (2017-2019). I consider this school as one of the most experienced schools in Karachi – and I would totally recommend it! Everything is amazing: from staff that were friendly and helpful in every way possible to the teachers that were respectful and keen to teach. Thank you L’ecole for accompanying me through my journey!

Fatima Asif

L’ecole gives me a fulfilled A Level experience. My academic needs are recognized and I receive all the assistance I require to reach my goals. I am proud to be a student at this prestigious institution!

Syeda Aishah Asim

L’ecole has always been an important part of my life. This institute has shaped the person I’ve become today – not just in terms of academics, but also character building and personality. L’ecole is not just a school, it is a family. The teachers have always been extremely cooperative in working with students to allow them to perform at the best of their abilities. L’ecole is an experience in itself and an overall unique learning experience found nowhere else.

A Level Contacts

Kyran Tariq – Mumtaz
Director – A Level

Sidrah Shahnawaz
Coordinator – A Level

Activities at Lecole