Ashiyana trust is a senior care home for elderly women. It is a non-profit and non-government organization which is dedicated to providing personal care to these ladies.Recently, learners of Year 11 have been visiting Ashiyana Trust on a weekly basis as part of their community service initiative along with their class teacher, Ms Kundan, and the Vice Principal, Mr Ahmed Khan. There are about 7-8 women living in this home, each of whom is very welcoming, warm-hearted and greets us tenderly every time we visit them.

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Two of these women are over the age of 90. One of them is Aunty Amna who has injured her shoulder so she can barely move out of her bed, while the other one is Aunty Sarfaraz who loves to make her hair and everyone calls her Barbie doll because her hair looks like that of a Barbie.

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During our visits, we sit along with these elderly ladies around the table in the common room at Ashiyana Trust and have conversations about different aspects of life, for instance sharing fond childhood memories, sharing jokes, asking them riddles, singing old songs, playing games like Chinese Whispers and Antakshari — some of these ladies actually have beautiful voices and amazing singing skills.

These visits have given us a chance to learn a lot of new things from these elderly citizens and have tried to help improve their lives in many ways like by consoling them, trying to make them happy, hearing their stories and by trying to taking along some gifts for them such as their favorite food items. We are indeed grateful for this opportunity and will try to make the most of this experience. We look forward to continuing helping the community.

By Zubaida Bilal
Year 11