On 23rd November 2018, the Law Society of Lecole organised a visit to the Sindh High Court for students of CertHe and LLB. The visit was organised to familiarize the students with real-life court proceedings so that their studies are supplemented by practical exposure to the legal system.

To maintain the discipline and decorum of the High Court, the students had already been issued a list of rules, including rules about particular dress codes and possession of identification documents.

The tour started at 9:30 am. The President of the Law Society, Qubra Ali led the tour and guided the students throughout the visit. The students were taken to the courtrooms (of Justice Irfan Saadat Khan, and later Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Mahmood Ahmed Khan) to witness court proceedings. Students enjoyed watching advocates perform and Their Lordships preside gracefully over the proceedings. Next, the students were seated in the consultation room of the Sindh High Court Bar Association’s secretariat, where the Honorary Secretary of the Sindh High Court Bar Association, Mr. Rehan A. Malik, welcomed them.

He held an informal question & answer session with the students. He also shared and discussed his experiences as an advocate, and counseled students about the challenges faced by young lawyers freshly inducted into the profession. Students were served refreshments, and the Honorary Secretary guided the group on how best to proceed with the rest of the tour. After a group picture with him, the students went to more courtrooms, visited the elegant High Court Bar Library and watched lawyers mingle and unwind in the bar rooms.

The tour came to an end by noon. In the end, the whole group gathered for a final group photo in front of the SHCBA buildings. The students had not only observed and learned from the formal environment of courtroom proceedings, but had also seen a wider cross-section of how lawyers spend their time in the Sindh High Court. Students enjoyed this peek into what could lie ahead of them when they join the profession as young lawyers.

Qubra Ali
President, Law Society of Lecole