Written by: Zimal Khan of Year 9

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It helps us to understand the situation better and to deal with the hardest of problems. It prepares us for all the aspects of life. Education is what helps us to develop our perspective, to build our own opinions, to have our points of view. It gives us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and to interpret things. Education is a tool that maintains balance through every dimension of life.

It is the key that opens up your way to progress and success in life. It helps us gain courage and confidence, enhance knowledge, learn skills, and develop habits and qualities to give us wings to fly. It is the path for social development, economic growth, and technological advancement.

“Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya” means to take me to light with adoration – this prayer is the basic pillar of Indian culture. A person sees everything in light, not in darkness. The light here means knowledge. A person’s darkness is vanished by knowledge. We should light up everyone’s lives by spreading knowledge as knowledge is supposed to be extended and not kept to yourself. Knowledge is the best wealth. Our intelligence is also sharpened by the knowledge gained from learning.

It has been made easier to gain education online, which has been really helpful in the current time of a pandemic. You can always use extra help from teachers after school or group study by sharing resources, ideas, opinions, and strategies through various communication apps facilitating education.

The benefits of education are countless, and we can not deny its necessity in our lives. It gives us access to many opportunities in our path to get the necessary prospects for our future and better career development. Every person needs proper education to promote their way of life and be a part of social and economic growth in their country. A proper educational level brings economic and social wealth by sorting out problematic issues across the country. The well-being of a society depends on the education of the people living in that society. The bright future of the individual, society, community, and country depends on the education system’s strategy.

Education also plays a vital role in giving us a healthier lifestyle. The one’s that are better educated are likely to get employed easily. They invest more in a healthy lifestyle. People with higher educational backgrounds are less prone to stress economic hardships and thus are, on average, less likely to smoke or drink alcohol. They eat healthier, work out more, and have more frequent health checks than the average population. Hence people with better education tend to live more.

Education is essential for the betterment of the people. Therefore we should not ignore its importance in our lives.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Our life without education is incomplete because education plays a massive role in improving a person’s life. It enhances our ability to talk to others, makes us more mature, and teaches us to adapt to the changes in the society we live in. It also keeps you away from poverty, prevents you from getting involved in domestic violence and other social evils, and empowers women to speak up for themselves.

In the modern world, you cannot survive without having high living standards and knowledge, and both of these come from education. We cannot create the right environment and an advanced society without education. The more educated we are, the more knowledge we have. After completing middle school, higher education is essential.

Someone once said, “A man without education is like a building without foundation.”
Education gives us the ability to read and write. Without primary education, one has to depend on others because most of the information is written, and you won’t have the ability to read. Educated people have positively impacted our society by contributing to various fields like medicine, defense services, science, and technology.
Today’s men and women have also contributed well to business and have handled both their home and office very well.

Education helps scientists in their research and the invention of machines and technologies necessary in the modern world.

Education means innovation. If people are not skilled enough to operate new technologies, innovation and creativity can not occur.

It is the significant and compulsory right of every person to have an education. Disabled and poor people should also be given the same educational opportunities as rich and ordinary people. They have to spend all their lives remaining illiterate and not having knowledge. They have the same need for education as well.

Many people in backward areas don’t get the opportunity for education. They struggle for the necessities of life. They don’t have the resources and facilities for education. People in the backward areas are not skilled enough in earning for their daily work due to the lack of a proper education system.

The government should ensure to make educational institutions in all corners of the country. The fees of educational institutes should be discussed and set according to the people who cannot afford studies or have to leave in the middle.

Without education, life becomes goalless and difficult. Therefore, we should try to give everyone the opportunities to have a good education, regardless of their class. Education improves the mental health and thinking of a person. It maintains a balance in the body, mind, and soul of a person. Hence it’s crucial for us to aware of people in every class, of every field, about the importance of education in one’s life for better growth and development, in the whole country.