On the 27th of September, the learners finally got what they wanted — an escape from a tough school year and a cheerful event as an alternative to the wearing studies. This was the day they had long waited for – the day of the Enterprise Bake Sale at L’ecole for Advanced Studies.

The air that day was filled with a plethora of emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear, and above all, love and enthusiasm. The learners of the ninth and the tenth grade found themselves filled with both apprehension and excitement when they thought about the idea of serving the entire school. The arrival and dispersal timings were that of a regular school day. The young entrepreneurs brought with themselves preparatory items to school and started preparing their stalls at 9:00 AM. Teachers enthusiastically participated in helping the learners arrange their stalls which were set up to sell a variety of food items such as Pizza, Waffles, Biryani and much more.

Ready, set, bake!

A booth was set up which traded cash for coupons that were to be used by the customers, i.e. the learners and the staff, to buy the items. This booth was run by the tenth grade Commerce learners who were under the supervision of their Commerce teacher, Ms Kundan Noor Sheikh.
It was at 10:00 AM that the Bake Sale started. The food was taken out and a multitude of scents – the smells of spices, sweets and the tantalizing aroma like that of caramel – engulfed the school grounds. Huge crowds filled the campus with the sounds of chattering. Vendors cheered and called for the learners to come to their stalls. It was almost as though everyone had stepped into an enchanted land filled with radiance and glee. The customers were like giant sea waves crashing upon the stalls and taking with them, sand and rocks, which, in this case, were the scrumptious delights.

Apart from the good spirits brought about by the stalls and the crowds, the energetic music added to the aura. The music created an air of nostalgic and brought out deep memories for some of the learners. It also helped motivate the young businesspeople to work harder and with more love and dedication.

Bake sale mission accomplished!

The Bake Sale ended seemingly quickly at 11:00 AM and learners wanted nothing but a deep relaxing nap, although their energy was revived as soon as they realized they had made profits and that everyone, especially their teachers and the school management, was quite impressed with how well they had conducted their activities.

This event summoned the realization that everyone has the capability to achieve success in life. It also ignited the fire of trying to bring out the mighty inner talent by testing the waters in various fields of life. It also taught the learners the importance of teamwork because everything in life requires support from those around you.

By Muhammad Usman
Year 10