FOOD Trends That Took Off During Quarantine and Will Leave Your Tastebuds Begging for Some

These unique and “gorgeous” quarantine trends will awe your eyes as well as leaving your tastebuds pleading for a taste of these delicious recipes.

Dalgona Coffee

One of the earliest, if not the first quarantine food trends is the Dalgona coffee. It became a rocketing trend on ticktock and caught everyone’s eye.

Everyone got a good arm workout every morning, whisking instant coffee, sugar, and water to make the fluffy and velvety Dalgona coffee. Its used as a topping on an iced glass of milk. Would you put in the effort to make this?

When the Dalgona coffee trend died down, the Kori Kohi became its successor.

This beverage is an easier drink than the Dalgona only requiring patience and a zero-arm workout. All you had to do was freeze a strong coffee drink and add it to a glass of milk.

So, do you prefer the lazier option?

Focaccia Gardens

Probably the most artistic piece of bread I’ve ever seen!

Originally starting its life called as the less catchy, “VanDough Focaccia BreadArt”, its baking thrust eventually squared it into the spotlight.

In a world where everyone was uploading, these impressionist artworks of colourful vegetables became a pivot for “content creators,” wanting to stand out from the crowd and soon these masterpieces were all over the Gram.

Besides, even if your supposed to eat them or not, they do look really nice, don’t they?

Sushi Bake

Another way people have been getting creative is by finding new ways to enjoy sushi, leading to a sushi bake craze where a Maki is deconstructed by arranging its components in flat layers rather than a roll.

The basics are the nori wrapper, sushi rice and a Japanese mayo drizzle.

This deconstructed sushi has all the basic components of sushi, but it is placed on a platter that everyone can share. The way of eating this bake is to get a nori sheet, put a spoonful of the sushi bake on top and eat it in one bite.

What a distinctive way to eat sushi!


By: Naimah Fatimah Ahmed – Year 8