On 9th November 2018, we had our most awaited Halloween event: The Fright Night. After immense hard work and long hours at school, the team succeeded in arranging the event at Lecole. The party commenced at 7:00 pm and continued till 10:00 pm.

The idea of holding this event was given by the president of the Events Society during the month of September while brainstorming various plans for arranging events for the A levels.

The number of people attending the event exceeded the amount that we predicted thus proving it to be extremely successful. More than 170 tickets, costing Rs. 700 each, were sold and a profit was made.

A dance floor was set up with flamboyant lighting accompanied by a DJ which proved to be very popular amongst the audience. Various types of mouth-watering food such as Biryani, French fries, Chinese cuisine, and ice cream were presented and enjoyed. By far the main attraction of the night was the haunted house which was outsourced. As Costumes were compulsory it brought out a creative side of learners attending the party and we witnessed various costume designs. Delicious cakes and pastries were also being sold at the entrance gaining the attention of many learners.

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This event gave us the confidence to do more great events in the near future and also improved the compatibility between the team members bringing them closer and ensuring more success in future events.

By Fatima Asif, AS Level