“The only path by which another person can upset you is through your own thought.”

Your subconscious has the answer to all problems. If you suggest your subconscious prior to sleep, “I want to get up at 6 a.m.”, it will awaken you at that exact time.

Your subconscious mind is the builder of your body and can heal you. Lull yourself to sleep every night with the idea of perfect health and your subconscious being your faithful servant will perform the task.

Happiness resides in the subconscious mind. It can be programmed with the will of the conscious mind. The new program can be a program of absolute bliss. The subconscious mind would first need to be taught or programmed to give up its reactive behaviour using the intellect of the conscious mind. A pro-active subconscious mind thus programmed will always generate happiness whatever be the stimuli coming to the subconscious mind from the outer world.

You are the programmer, the subconscious has the program and the world outside is full of good and bad viruses. The anti-virus you use in terms of intellect and will power decides the sanctity and the power of the program you have within you. This program can then even be reprogrammed with the program of the Supreme Power that is The Almighty. All Prayers, Meditation, Recitation and Contemplation. Listening is nothing but the means through which the programming of the subconscious mind is upgraded using your conscious mind, intellect and will.

Enjoy life to the fullest because you have the absolute freedom to choose the program you want and you yourself can program it into you. Busy your mind with the concepts of harmony, health, peace, and goodwill, and wonders will happen in your life.

Such is the beauty of God’s creation. That is why they say “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire.”


By: Eshaal Asim – Year 7