Model United Nations is an activity in which students roleplay delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This year, L’ecole participated in the Habib University Model United Nations where a delegation of nine delegates represented our school. All in all, it was a challenging yet exciting experience for us to learn and grow!

Previously, I have participated in nine MUN’s and I always opted for SOCHUM (Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee), but this time I thought that I should go for something new. So I chose PNA (Pakistan’s National Assembly) which is the only Committee in which you can speak in Urdu and English, both. In my committee, there were approximately 68 delegates and honestly, it was a tough competition. Everyone was there to win, and I  just thought that there was no chance I could win, because it was my first time in such a committee.

In this three-day conference, I worked as hard as I could and I tried my best to stay alert in my committee. My hard work proved to be fruitful when I won an Honourable Mention award which was really unexpected.

I strongly recommend participating in MUN’s because by attending these events, you meet new people and you get to learn to engage with real global issues to resolve them just like it happens in the real UN. Also, it gives you the opportunity to work on your public speaking, negotiation and leadership skills.


By – Mehran Shahid

Year 11