What is Programming?

Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…. because it teaches you how to think.”
Programming is the process or activity of writing computer programs. Programming is a tool. You can use that tool to create, build, and make anything you want. The possibilities are endless. You can use programming to develop new skills.
Do not learn programming just for the sake of learning how to program. Learn how to solve world problems with the help of programming, because it enables you to become a problem solver, an innovator, and an inventor.
Programming is like a pencil. You can mark something down if you press hard enough, but that is it. You can choose to make huge skyscrapers, or build something with that pencil if you create something special with the ability to do so.
That ability is programming.

Programming Solves World Problems

Apart from its critical introduction, programming is a necessity, as it helps in solving real-world problems – think of Careem.

With the arrival of Careem, consumers can be assured that their travel is safer – compared to other third-party companies – simply due to embedded programs, like how many ‘stars’ do the driver accumulates. This ensures quality service, customer satisfaction, and safety.
Another famous example is how Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook. Facebook has helped connect humans online and share their best moments.

Programming Builds Other Skills
Programming also helps in broadening your horizon, and worldview. Programming can be anything. It can be a canvas for some and can be dread for others. However, programming is an important skill for the future world.

The future of technology is full of programming, which is why it is an important skill to have. Programming not only develops your mind but also brings the ability to have a new perspective on problem-solving. Programming is always in demand, so not only does it bring career flexibility, but is also financially rewarding.

Programming Resources are Available
One website that teaches all types of programming languages free of charge, is SoloLearn. SoloLearn is a website that elaborates on the fundamentals of programming, with actual demonstrations, proper lesson planning, and has an in-built system where any programming language can be practiced.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of new programming learners shows how much this skill is valued amongst many individuals.

L’ecole has a Special Focus on Programming
In L’ecole, programming is taught as a compulsory topic in ICT, throughout lower primary and lower secondary school.
In recent times, through online learning, the lower secondary students are learning about the MIT
app inventor, a software that lets users develop applications for Android phones, using a web browser, and the connected phone or emulator. The app inventor stores all the users’ projects, which lets
them keep track of their projects.
Another app used by the students is Construct 2.0, which is an app that allows users to create professional game development software. Scratch 2.0 is another example of an app used by students, which is a block-based programming language, with a user-friendly interface.
In terms of teaching programming, I’d say L’ecole is doing a great job.

Next Steps
So, what are you waiting for?
After reading this, don’t you feel like you are missing something futuristic? The pros outweigh the cons, so there is no need to debate on why you should not learn to program. The best part is that many new websites teach you how to program.

So, I repeat. What are you truly waiting for? What is holding you back?

Written by: Syed Ibad Asim