On 15th January 2020, an Interschool English Declamation Contest was held at Dawood Public School in which 15+ schools from all over Karachi participated in different categories. L’ecole participated in two of these categories and won positions in both.

The first category was for the age group of 14-15 year-olds in which our student, Meerab Malik spoke on the serious topic: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and won second place, as her powerful expressions stirred emotion in the crowd.  

The second category was for the 16-18 years age group, in which our student, Zain Hashmi, participated. This category was also very challenging as the topics were very interesting, and some of the students gave near-perfect speeches. The crowd broke into peels of laughter as Zain gave his humorous speech about how “My pocket money finishes too soon” to bag the first prize.

Overall, there were some very funny speeches and there were also some really touching ones, so the competition was fierce. But our students gave it their best shot and indeed their hard work and perseverance paid off!

By  – Zain Hashmi

Year 11