By: Talha Ahmed – Physics

MINIMALISM- What’s that? 

Have you ever stared at your cluttered wardrobe, and thought to yourself whether you really need ALL of that? Or have you found it pretty hard to focus on your work in your stuffy room? Well, all of us carry a certain ‘baggage’ with ourselves, and if we don’t declutter it mindfully, it just keeps growing. ‘Minimalism’ can save you from investing your hard earned money and your valuable time into stuff that’s going to be useless in a matter of days, weeks, or maybe months. What minimalism does is that it endorses a clutter-free lifestyle in which an individual owns fewer but useful possessions. This means investing your precious energy and money into things that you need for your survival or for the fulfillment of a well-defined purpose. This also  means saying goodbye to impulsive buying. Minimalism might seem like a nightmare for the shopaholics who religiously follow the fast fashion updates, but in the longer-run, it’s worth all the struggle. If you are frowning right now, then keep reading!

Why Minimalism? 

Save up for what matters!

Minimalism enforces simplicity and invalidates consumerism. In contrast to minimalism, consumerism is the idea that focuses on the accumulation of material possessions for fulfillment and happiness. In its very essence, minimalism is against the extravagance and unnecessary accumulation of material possessions. In this way, it saves our time, energy, and abilities which otherwise would have been wasted in pursuit of unnecessary pleasures. By breaking us free from the shackles of consumerism, minimalism introduces us to a stress-free and purposeful life. When you are not constantly exhausting your resources on buying catchy tee shirts and aesthetically pleasing home decor items, you will automatically be saving up for bigger things in life. This means more money for life experiences including excursions, trips, exchange programs, career, and family.

Regain your focus! 

It is no mystery that the human mind works best when it is relaxed. Our ambiance has a profound effect on our thoughts. If you are looking forward to attaining maximum productivity, minimalism is the answer. Minimalism declutters your space, and thus helps your mind work at its best. By removing distractions from your life, you are all set to work with attention and focus your work deserves. A room loaded with furniture, rugs, and paintings might fit well for a shop. But your space must be free of clutter so that you can feel at peace while you are in it.

Say No to Slavery! 

Today’s world is driven by consumerism which tells people that true fulfillment lies in gathering more and more. On the other hand, minimalism dares us to seek our happiness in self-care, life experiences, and relationships. It helps individuals to declutter their lives thus rendering them more time to invest in their relationships. It frees us from our monotonous mindset of consistent buying, and brings us freedom.

Give back to the Society! 

Minimalist lifestyle makes people generous because they donate the possessions that are no longer useful for them. This altruistic and benevolent behavior benefits the overall society. Minimalism has a potential to greatly reduce poverty, since less expenses means less bank loans; and overall reduced burden on the working class.

Think GREEN! 

By practicing minimalism, you will be using fewer packaged products and hence, produce less waste. According to research, about 60 % of greenhouse gas emissions are because of the mass production of consumerism. If we shift towards the minimalist approach, it will  greatly benefit our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately minimizing ozone depletion.

Find your Purpose! 

Besides rejuvenating our mind, minimalism also inculcates in us a sense of purpose, instead of mindlessly following the rapidly shifting trends.  It helps us in exploring our God-gifted abilities and reaching our full potential, ultimately leading to personal growth and the benefit of society. By following the minimalist approach, you will eventually become more content and satisfied with what you already have. You will not be performing at work under the pressure of your psychological burdens which are imposed by today’s consumerist society. This will surely set your priorities straight, and live a life designed not to impress people.


Well, less is really more if you think of it that way! Socrates rightly said, “ The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.”