To develop happy and healthy individuals who believe in learning and giving back throughout the course of their lives.

We aim to create a learning environment that nurtures focused and goal-oriented students. Lécole believes in opening a two way communication where students and staff both learn and examine subjects together. Through their adaptive approach to learning, they develop wisdom and move on to improve the quality of life for themselves as well as others. 


To inculcate passion in all learners by empowering them to reach their potential in a space that promotes diversity and tolerance for all through innovative and motivational learning methods and superior curricular and non-curricular experiences.

Through our vision, we want to foster connections among education, humanities, art, sciences, commerce and information technology. All disciplines coexist and cross paths, and at Lécole we teach our students to exercise different mental models.


We teach our children the importance of teamwork by creating environments where they work in groups – large and small. This teaches them to pick up their weight as well as others by stimulating learning and nurturing interpersonal skills.

Success is not a solitary effort. It is built upon the bonds of students, teachers and parents. We recognize the importance of establishing a community that teaches and learns simultaneously.

We teach students to assert themselves in society by teaching them how to be resourceful. By encouraging our students to take part in societies and clubs, students participate in planning, decision making and implementing.

Every individual has an intrinsic worth and each person has a different capacity as well as method to learn. We nurture a love for learning in every students by teaching our students different strategies and techniques. 

We believe that honesty, modesty and self-discipline are the key pillars to success. They enhance a person’s dignity and self-worth and teach them how to in turn balance the needs of the society. We aim to create an acceptance and appreciate of cultural diversity among our students and to build and inspire respect in those around us.

Self-discipline is a result of certain expectations we have for ourselves and that personal responsibility is key for personal development. We motivate our students to become self-sufficient and effective members of society.

Trust can only be established through honest dialogue. While this encourages arguments, and differences of opinions – the debate is indicative of how differences can be resolved through understanding, communication and compromise. Through these values, we build trust.