One of the only things more difficult than being a child is having to raise one; a truth that all
parents are well-aware of.

Interestingly enough, parenting can be analogous to a circus act: you have to be able to juggle your
responsibilities and impress large groups of family members trying to act like they know your job
better than you do. Though modern parents have an arsenal of resources at their disposal (the
internet, parenting books and experienced family members), parents today are faced with an
unprecedented problem: raising children during a pandemic.

The good news? There’s no one right way to raise a child.

The bad news? It’s very difficult to tell how large an impact your actions can have on a child’s
development and they can have positive or negative consequences on their personality.

A pandemic can be isolating and demoralizing for children around the world. Playing with friends,
going to parks, and eating outside are activities that modern-day parents have spent their
childhoods doing, but are activities that children today have now been robbed of. To counter this,
it is essential that parents focus on raising a child’s self-esteem and focusing on their mental

Research shows that authoritative parenting has yielded the greatest success in terms of satisfied
parents and children. Authoritative parents are those that possess high expectations of their
children while allowing them the space to fulfil them. These parents are highly attentive and pay
heed to a child’s successes and failures. Desirable behaviour is rewarded graciously, and undesirable
behaviour is treated with fair discipline, not harsh punishment. Being confined to your home can be
frustrating, and it is important to accommodate a child’s behaviour wherever possible. Respecting
a child’s privacy and treating rebellious behaviour with warmth in place of retribution have shown
to foster children friendly, amiable personalities.

Being a parent isn’t an easy job, and there will be times when it gets overwhelming. As long as
you stick through it and believe in your child, this ‘mini you’ will grow up to be your best friend
and be your greatest source of pride.


By: Farhat Ara – Urdu