Held on the 26th of October, the first student-led conference was a great experience for the learners, parents, and teachers. The learners serving as a bridge for communication between teachers and parents is an idea that brings gains in many aspects. As the name says, the ‘student-led conference’ is a different sort of a parent-teacher meeting. Not as typical as you would imagine a parent-teacher meeting. This time around, it’s the learner who talks about his or her academic, behavioural and general progress, along with the overall experience of the term so far. It is a progressive conference that serves as a platform for all three parties (learners, parents, and teachers) to come on one page.

Discussion, Feedback & Result:

The teachers are present on individual desks for the parents and learners to attend to subject-wise. The journal of each learner is present on the desk for the parents to review. In the beginning, learners briefs the parent about their experience of the subject so far. What had been the positives and negatives, what difficulties were they facing and any other comments or reviews that they had. Following up on what learners tell the parents, the teachers add on with anything they feel relevant for the parents to know. Naturally, parents have questions and concerns which they discuss elaborately with the teachers as well as the learners.

This collective discussion is the key for learners, parents, and teachers to move on as a team for the learner’s progress. From a teacher’s point of view, it was a delightful experience. Getting to know how deeply parents are involved in their child’s studies is a little more than anticipated. How positively most of the parents took interest in accepting the challenges of their child’s weak areas was truly inspiring.

It is a paramount feeling to be on the same ground with parents when it comes to taking important decisions regarding improvements needs for a learner. As for when the teacher highlighted the positive aspects of the learners, the happiness and sense of pride that the parents and learners experienced was pure joy.
Regrettably, there were some learners and parents who couldn’t make it to this conference, and my message to them is: this was one activity that was highly important for the character building and academic review of your child’s progress. It was unfortunate for us teachers to not get to meet you, I request for you to make sure of attending the next learner-led conference as we really look forward to it.

Lecole is not just a school; it is a family that you’re a very important part of. Together, we want Lecole graduates to be the best of learners, leaders, and great human beings who master at their profession. The student-led conference is a foundation stone for that to happen.

Mr Ali Akbar Kausar Ali, O level Mathematics