It was partly cloudy when we reached school. At the time of our morning assembly, while everyone read the morning prayer, my fellow participants and I were settling into the bus. We were off to the Origins Interschool Swimming Competition. We felt very excited as we stepped into the event venue.

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The first contestant from L’ecole was my friend, Hassan Naveed, who achieved the second position. He was extremely happy. Then my classmate Amal Ali Khan, as well as Filzah Shah, Wania Malik, Hammad Naveed, Taha Malik, and several primary section learners also went for their races. An eighth grader, Ibad Asim, was astonishing in his race.

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Finally came the last event which was the relay. The participants were Arham Jawaad, Hassan Naveed, Ibad Asim, Rahim Jawaad, and myself. We gathered as a team and won the third position. The competition was super exciting and the water was very cold so we loved it.

I wish to take part in more swimming challenges in the future as I am really proud of my school and all of the participants because we brought home 39 medals!

By Usman bin Rashid (Year 7)