A break, also known as recess, is a pause in work. It is a certain period of time given to students to enjoy their lunch, relax, and take some time off studies. previously, we had one break after the fourth period which was of twenty-five minutes. This year we have a new rule of having two breaks of twenty minutes each. The first break is after three periods, and the second break is after six periods.

These breaks allow students to catch up with their friends, finish uncompleted work, practice their sports skills and, of course, have a snack! I personally believe that introducing the idea of two breaks was very innovative. After a few periods the students, including me, run out of energy and need some time off. With all this hard work happening in class, it’s important to make sure students take proper study breaks. These breaks help maintain top study performance and can actually increase focus, reduce stress, and help students better retain the information they learn. After the break, I feel so much more energized which allows me to participate actively in class

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This concept of two breaks should remain and every school should try it. It does not affect our intelligence or academics in any way, instead, it helps us.

Najwa Saif Waqar – Year 9