Lecole’s very own Alumni – A voice for the new generation

On 27th November 2018, L’ecole had organized an informative session with Mr Muhammad Jibran Nasir. The President of the Law Society, Qubra Ali, set in motion the session by introducing the respectable guest. Jibran Nasir is a lawyer by profession, a human rights activist and an independent politician. He is involved in disaster relief work through Elaj Trust, advocacy and social justice through Never Forget Pakistan and Legal Aid work through Rashid Rizvi Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights. Not to forget the fact that Mr Nasir is an alumnus of L’ecole which benefited the learners throughout the session as he had shared his experience in the institute and also gave insight on how he gelled in during his academic years. As a result, the learners could relate themselves to him in a better way as they enjoyed the similar facilities under the same roof. He sketched the consecutive events of his life and on its basis advised the learners on how to approach the pleasant and unpleasant happenings coming every now and then.

Guidance for future advocates

Not only was the session informative but also communicative. The speaker attracted the learners’ attention by sharing some of his hilarious yet edifying occurrences. Various topics were meticulously discussed which included political, social and economic affairs. Many sensitive and controversial areas were also covered by him which would indeed intensify and broaden the perspective of the youth thereby helping them in resolving the much-awaited issues. Mr Jibran Nasir even shed light on different issues of our society. He discussed the possible reforms which are much needed in the modern times and which would possibly forge way towards betterment. It was highly interactive as the session moved toward questions and answers. The law learners were encouraged to ask and therefore discuss various details. They got a chance to share their view point and voice their thoughts on diverging cases. Many also tended to seek advice from him on topics in which they thought he had ample knowledge and experience and could, therefore, guide them better. Extensive exchange of views took place between the speaker and listener resulting in a fruitful discussion.

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Throughout the session, Mr Jibran Nasir maintained a very friendly and approachable attitude towards the listeners which inspired them and enabled them to think deeply about the community. Towards the end, the learners were given a chance to capture photos with the esteemed guest. The Law Society of L’ecole then treasured his presence by giving him a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Overall, the session was beneficial as it enlightened the learners regarding the affairs of their community and the possible problems which arise in their society. The intellectual capacity and thinking space of the viewers was substantially nourished.

Qubra Ali
President of Law Society