In light of recent events, with schooling being conducted online due to the sudden influx of coronavirus cases, many students have been finding their classes to be tougher than usual. In the hopes of easing these difficulties, I have compiled a list of websites that students might find helpful.

1. Photomath

Have you ever run into a daunting math problem that, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find a solution to? Well, with Photomath, simply taking a picture of the math problem on your phone provides a solution within seconds. And that includes the steps taken to reach the answer!

Don’t take this the wrong way, however, this is not a tool you should rely on for all things math-related. If your teacher isn’t available, and you simply cannot understand how a question is solved, then this app is sure to come in handy.

Get it now, either on Google Play or the App Store!

2. ZNotes

Consisting of a wide range of notes across several exam boards – including CAIE, Edexcel, and IB – ZNotes is the ultimate platform for summarized notes. While it does not contain notes on O Level subjects, it is still filled to the brim with notes on a range of topics.

Let it be known that the IGCSE and O Level syllabi are very similar, so the available IGCSE notes may be of some help. (

3. Cheatography

Yes, yes. I know how it sounds, but this is NOT a website centered around cheating. On Cheatography, you’ll be able to find a variety of “cheat sheets”, which – contrary to their suggestive name – are simply compilations of important information for specific subjects.

Whether it’s formulae; definitions; or phrases in a language you’re learning, Cheatography has got you covered! (

4. Khan Academy

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Khan Academy, but it is nonetheless worthy of being mentioned in this list. With its wide assortment of courses, ranging from the level of toddlers to that of college students, it boasts a robust reputation.

On its website, you will find organized content in the form of both videos and text. If you encounter trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, consider searching for it on their YouTube channel which is updated several times a day. (

5. Educate A Change

Despite being a relatively new website, Educate A Change possesses a flourishing community packed with students studying for their O/A Levels. It is run by Hunain Zia, a Pakistani educator holding 154 total As, 11 world records, and 7 distinctions in several subjects across the Cambridge International exam board.

Educate A Change is unique in its casual approach to education. Its moderators are in charge of a number of WhatsApp groups centered around specific subjects, making it possible for students to reach out and exchange information. It is undoubtedly a good option to check out, especially for its notes on Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat. (

I hope you find at least some of these services to be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read through this post. Remember to stay positive, and good luck with your educational endeavours!


Rafae Javed Naqvi – Year 11