October 19th, 2018: Well, it may be a normal day for everyone but it was surely a memorable one for the Undergraduates of L’ecole. It was the Welcome Dinner for the learners, organized by their Department Heads in order to introduce them to the institution and to reinvigorate them after having a busy week. The sole purpose of having this dinner is to provide new learners with a platform where they could interact with seniors students and faculty members. This event is held to make sure that everyone gets a chance to mingle as they are unable to do so in their busy routine.

Ice Breaker

At the beginning of the event, most of the learners were shy but the faculty members made sure to make everyone comfortable. It started off with a ‘surprise karaoke night’ which was not mentioned in the invites. However, that surprise karaoke party was the key element which learners needed.

The welcome dinner would have been totally incomplete if that ‘fun’ part would not have been there. Nonetheless, the senior learners of LLB batch made sure that their juniors were in the right spotlight as far as the singing part was concerned.

At first, everyone was shy and they were hesitating to sing. To make a good flow of the event, it was decided to make teams and the learners were picked randomly. No doubt they did a really good job. Even if someone did not sing well at least, they showed up and were confident enough to sing in front of the huge audience out there. Hats off!

Star of Lecole!

Faculty members including Ms Ridah Faisal, Ms Zara Shaheen-Awan were there to cheer them up while marking their singing which added more fun to it. As the time passed, to raise the entertainment level to infinity and beyond our very own music star of L’ecole ‘Shehryar Rehan’ came and entertained the audience with his super talented voice. When the audience started joining him in singing that moment was like the icing on the cake. Very precious.

While all of this was going on, the hospitality team made sure that the learners were treating themselves right as they served them with mouthwatering refreshments. Everyone was enjoying this time as if it would not come again. Everyone was free to interact and that time itself showed the worth of this prestigious dinner.

Dinner was served followed again by the karaoke activity. The buffet included mouthwatering dishes, cold drinks and much more. All those happy faces having goofy smiles were a treat to eyes. Everyone had dinner comfortably without any barrier of hesitation. The juniors accompanied the senior ones. Faculty members, learners, and the administration team, everyone had their free minds to enjoy this event. The glamour, the semi-formal code everything complimented this dinner. This event was a memorable one and everyone who joined had a great time. These couple of hours meant the most valuable ones to be cherished for the lifetime.

Umehani Ghanyani
LLB Programme